Sunday, 14 January 2018

4th photograph from the series that is totally dedicated to women

Very much inspired by the subject I aimed to portrait women in most realistic but also honest way. Not only because I am a woman myself, it is also and mostly due to fact that I find women simply fascinating. In my reality driven by curiosity I would be the one sitting in the corner staring, drawing, making notes and taking snaps. I would also ask thousand questions and analyze my observations with my wife later over a cup of coffee. Women are incredibly strong, powerful, creative, determined and challenging. I found it just right to dedicate my time, research, vision and an eye to produce photographs that were taken to gently express my thoughts.
Many thanks to all talents involved. Loved the time we all spent on that unfinished yet series.
Photo: Marta Kochanek
Production: Barbara Gibson
Hair + MUA: Make-up and Hair by Gemma
Talents: Ava Thompson and Jade Bowers
Photo by Marta Kochanek

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