Friday, 23 September 2016

#CognitiveBodies limited edition - framed artwork!

You have a rare opportunity to buy one of my #CognitiveBodies limited edition - framed artwork! The more you bid the more you support an extremely talented Johnny Autin and his Autin Dance Theatre.
Happy bidding and good luck to the winner!!
1. go to Autin Dance Theatre Page, and leave a comment with your bid.
2. the higher bid gets the award.
3. winner goes here to pay for the artwork.
4. Johnny Autin will hand the artwork in person

Zdjęcie użytkownika Marta Kochanek Photography.

Friday, 16 September 2016

There is a beautiful feature of my #CognitiveBodies series

New chapter in life - New energy! Even stronger now I can even say I feel beautiful. But... when it comes to 'beautiful' - there is a beautiful feature of my #CognitiveBodies series.
Many thanks to +dodho  for featuring my work again <3
Simply Beautiful.