Sunday, 30 October 2016

Berlin Foto Biennale

Last day Berliners to see my photographs

HEUTE IS DER LETZTE TAG. TODAY IS THE LAST DAY. The Berlin Foto Biennale comes to an end, and today it will be opened from 12 to 19 welcoming the last visitors of this unique visual endeavor. Thousands of visitors have enjoyed both the images of the Biennale and those of our guest, Steve McCurry. We thank all visitors for making this Biennale a unique event during the European Month of Photography. Selected images of the Biennale will itinerate next year to Hanoi, and a special competition will be done to select photographers to go to Vietnam (all expenses paid) and make images of the Heritage places and people of Vietnam. Today is the last day but actually not the end of this visual fest... it continues in Vietnam next year, and we encourage you to keep tuned for the competition that we will launch shortly to select those who will be invited to picture Vietnam and exhibit the results of their work.
Next week stills and videos of all exhibited images of the Biennale will be available here for download.

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