Tuesday, 24 May 2016

London was good to me

This is basically why you were warned before you entered FIXPhoto room #7 !
Alex Poll, you are awww… yes, I ripped his pants off to see his colourful bottom ;) yeah… some jaws dropped hahahah but that was the right moment!
Many thanks to L A Noble Gallery the curator for organizing this amazing space and gathering all the amazing people I had chance to meet and make friendships with. Jellybeans were much appreciated and so was the Coconut water! Beautiful location it was and equaly beautiful time of the year to let us all showcase whet we worked on. Many... many thanks. This would not also have happened without Sarah Reuter who co-curated the show and made sure we were all taken care of. Her smile made even the most stressful moments sunny and bright! All the volunteers who were there deserve a proper meal after irregular hours serving us and being there to make us all feel happy so we could have our coffees and beers while networking and making the most from the time we had (Aimee and Hayley many thanks for assisting me! Anna Emilia thanks for googe’ing all that stuff we needed all the time!). Special... a very special thanks goes to Precision Imaging and Delta Design Studio // Cathy Robert – my amazing sponsors who believed my photography is good enough to be exhibited next to all those masterpieces I had chance to see and be surrounded by. ASH… you are the greatest! Made her way from the other continent to be there for me and help when it was needed. Quality time after hours and nudes shot in the attic will stay alive in my memory forever <3 / Renee Chabot my dear – I already miss you -- never stopping to talk! Portugal is to be planned for sure! / Chloe Natalia Rosser thanks for spending your B’day to help with hanging my works. I am thankful I could share the space with you ladies!
;) you are great! / Einar Sira – my soul mate! I felt I have to portray you the day I first met you. We had some great time. Your artwork you gifted me with has its special place already. You know that!
:* / Trond Ove Sira it was great to meeting you brother!
Rob Clayton, Tom Broadbent, Lisa De Boeck, Lisa Creagh, Lottie Davies – it was a pleasure to be surrounded by you guys. You are all an inspiration!!!
Aleksandra Romanow de Souza – after all this years we finally made it! It felt as if it was yesterday, but yes a decade is far too much for us to have a proper cider! Let's not wait another 10 years to meet! Yola Yolart + Agnieszka Lesiewicz, many thanks for the dinned cooked fresh for me as I arrived. Talking about books and art is always appreciated and yes, good to know we might have a dog-sitters soon! YAY! // Joanna Maya Rosenbaum 12 years we waited to meet since we had our first and last exhibition in Wroclaw! Crazy time, great coffee by the water recently! // Kat Pfeiffer – superb advices on things basically called ‘Global’ covered! Many thanks! Woudl wish to listen to you Jazz singing! / Gati Gatuszewska – ‘London by night’ + long night hours walks + healthy food for us last to be served hahah! Tim + Mike and Jo + Richard Lowe it was great to having you all there! Caspar Stadler + Johnny Autin – not only it was a pleasure to photograph you but also to see you being so proud while seeing yourselves on the wall. All touching moments!
London was good to me. My granddad’s watch brought me luck as I wished for. I had fun, I got commissioned, I made a sale.
Most importantly I made some friendships for life. Honoured.
Love to my Barbara Gibson for being so understandable, supportive and loving.
© Marta Kochanek 

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